Child Protection Rapid Needs Assessment- Jonglei State _SCI_2020


Child Protection needs assessment was carried by the state level CPWG in the greater Jonglei and Pibor administration areas, the purpose for conducting this assessment was to assessment and identify key child protection needs in administrative areas.  Greater Jonglei and Pibor Administration areas have experienced recurrent inter-communal conflicts which displaced many communities each year and causes immense suffering; the area is also flood prone locations and experience flooding which further exacerbates an already fragile humanitarian situation. 

Children and their families living floods and ICV affected locations have experienced displacement, destruction of family assets, family separation, sexual and gender base violence incidents, lack of basic services among many other challenges.  

Save the Children South Sudan Country Office in coordination with Jonglei CPWG and partners. The design and data collection of the joint assessment was carried out by Jonglei CPWG with the direct support of Save the Children. 

The primary objective of this need assessment was to identify the child protection concerns/issues impacting on children and as well as generate context and practical programmatic and operational recommendation to those identified issues.