What We Do

Save the Children works across multiple sectors and in multiple states in South Sudan helping children survive and thrive in some of the hardest conditions in the world. Working across eight of the country’s ten states we currently run child protection, child rights governance, education, food security & livelihoods, health & nutrition, and humanitarian response programmes.

Children in South Sudan face many daily challenges including poor levels of education, limited access to healthcare and vaccinations, high levels of malnutrition, and frequent floods, conflict and food shortages.

Save the Children works to improve children’s lives in South Sudan by supporting schools, training teachers, building the capacity of the health sector to tackle child mortality and improve child health, treating and preventing malnutrition, helping families to grow sufficient food, and protecting children from violence, abuse and exploitation. We also work with the government to fight for the protection of children’s rights in the world’s youngest country.

In line with Save the Children’s dual mandate, in South Sudan we not only work to provide children and their families with long-term development assistance, but are also ready to respond if there is an emergency. In South Sudan our primary areas of focus in emergencies are education and child protection, supporting children affected by conflict, displacement, and natural disasters.