R2G: Enhancing local media capacity to address undernutrition among children

Tuesday 29 November 2022

South Sudanese journalists from various media houses, including radio, print, television and blogs are attending a three-day training to equip them with skills on nutrition messaging, nutrition budget reporting, and improving the quality of WASH and nutrition service delivery.

With the support of Right to Grow (R2G), Save the Children is collaborating with the journalists to systematically reduce the prevalence of undernutrition by advocating for nutrition and WASH policies that impact on poor quality and diversity of food, and the underdeveloped health care system in South Sudan. 

Between July 2022 and June 2023, an estimated 1.4 million children under five are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition based on analysis and estimations from the results of the SMART nutrition surveys, Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System (FSNMS) and program admission trends. Meanwhile, 6.6 million people in South Sudan are already experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity, driven by economic decline, climactic shocks and conflicts.

This worsening food security situation and prevalence of acute malnutrition requires immediate and continuous humanitarian assistance, including preventive and curative nutrition services to minimize, and to an extent, prevent deaths related to malnutrition.

“We believe Save the Children partnership with the media and various stakeholders – through R2G – can contribute to the growth and development of children in South Sudan and allow them to reach their full potential in life,” said Muzamil Sebi, Director of Advocacy, Communication, Campaign and Media – Save the Children.

Right to Grow [R2G]’s focus on both nutrition and WASH offers a promising basis for strengthening local media houses and journalists who are instrumental in connecting their communities and leaders to address the nutritional impacts of inadequate WASH services on vulnerable children.

After the media training, the journalists will pitch stories on improving nutrition and WASH service delivery.  Three best pitch stories will receive support to enable research, documentation and dissemination. The text stories, videos and pictorials will also be published on national media and Save the Children’s platforms. 

The media content is expected to contribute improved behavioral or lifestyle change among communities through promotion of healthy diets, physical activity and consumption of micronutrient-rich foods including traditional local foods, and ensure children under five are well nourished and able to reach their full potential.


Right2Grow is being implemented by Save the Children and 7 other developmental and humanitarian organizations comprising of four national NGOs (CIDO, UNIDOR, SPEDP and CRC) and three international NGOs (World Vision, Action Against Hunger and CEGAA).

Story: Daniel Danis/Save the Children