Partners Empowered on inclusive education with focus on gender and disability inclusion

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Juba, South Sudan - South Sudan Multi-Year Resilience Programme implementing partners are being trained on the components of inclusive education with special focus on gender inclusion and ensuring children with disabilities are not left out. 

The three-day workshop - facilitated by Save the Children International – provides participants with skills on inclusive learning approaches, assessment of learners with disability and provision of assistive devises.

It is part of MYRP’s “Education Can Not Wait project” objective that focuses on ensuring that MYRP-supported learning spaces are safe, protective and enable all children and teachers to thrive, with a focus on children with disabilities and girls.

Those in attendances are Inclusive Education Focal Points, representatives from the grant agents, representatives Ministry of General Education and Instruction. 

The training is expected to improve the knowledge of participants on existing disabilities, type of treatments and referral system for special cases.

“It is critical to train the Implementing partners on Inclusive education as integrating Inclusion in the project is core area all partners are requested to undertake,” said Ponny Tekila, Gender Advisor & Inclusions, Save the Children International.

She added that the training is essential in improving awareness and knowledge – among partners - about people with disabilities in order to increase the degree of support and inclusiveness in their daily lives.

The open forum discussions among partners will be adopted to ensure information on existing referral pathways for children with disabilities can be used by partners.

The workshop also studies the catalogue of assistive devices available at the Usratuna Orthopaedic Workshop to improve the autonomy of People With Disabilities in order to increase the degree of support and inclusiveness in their daily lives.

About MYRP

The South Sudan Multi-Year Resilience Programme (MYRP) kicked off following the signing of the grant confirmation letter on 17th January 2020. As grant agents, Save the Children led consortium with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Finn Church Aid (FCA) successfully sub-contracted 9 (nine) implementing partners(IPs).

Through the 'Education Can’t Wait' project, it aims at ensuring that out-of-school children (OOSC) in priority areas have flexible, responsive routes into learning opportunities, that support their transition into further levels of education and that support their holistic wellbeing and development.


Written by Daniel Danis/Save the Children