Over 600 Farmers Learn Agronomic Practices to Increase Production in Budi

Friday 3 March 2023
 In Eastern Equatoria, farmers have learned and adopted new agronomics practices through training and mentoring by Save the Children. The project is funded by BMZ.


Homiri Model Farmers Crop Producer Group at their farm in Budi. Photo: Save the Children

The Homiri Model Farmers Crop Producer Groups consists of 25 groups members. In each group, there are about 25 farmers.   The farmers’ groups were enrolled in 2020 in BMZ project programme. They produce vegetables and other food crops such as groundnuts. 

Save the Children had supported the group with OX-plough, farm hand tools,   seeds and plastic sheets, hermetic bags and constructed modified granaries  for seeds storage  to increase farm productions. Save the children also provided training to the farmers to enhance their skills and knowledge on good agronomics practices.

The support was provided to the groups to solve the problem of unlimited capitals to boost their farming and agro-business

The group said, the support provided by Save the Children increased their farm yield as a result,  they earn monthly income through selling of farm products, like groundnuts, sorghum and vegetables.

In January 2023, the groups sold eighteen (18) bags of groundnuts to UN FAO to boost farming in the state.

Save the children  South Sudan  office implemented BMZ project funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development-Germany, with project Support to the reintegration, livelihoods recovery and resilience of IDPs, returnees and host communities

The project support farmer’s groups in three counties of Eastern Equatoria. Magwi, Torit and Budi.

The project targets 197,596 people including15,400Households (92,400 people; having 64% female) through food security, cash transfers and livelihoods support. There are242 farmer producer groups 64% of members are women, 515 youth (71% female) through youth livelihoods and75,826 children under five and PLWs through nutrition interventions.