A national organization co-leads the South Sudan Education Cluster for the first time.

Thursday 24 August 2023

Save the Children, UNICEF South Sudan and UNKEA representtives after signing the MoU in Juba

Juba, South Sudan  - Save the Children and UNICEF South Sudan are committed to strengthening localization efforts to meet shared commitments by strengthening sub-national coordination structures and national capacities.

The child focused agencies initiated a process of selecting a national organization for a co-leadership role of the Education Cluster to meaningfully strengthen localization efforts.

As a result, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was sign for Universal Network for Knowledge & Empowerment Agency (UNKEA) as a national organization to head the South Sudan education cluster.

“Save the Children  was able to provide seed-funding to the South Sudan Education Cluster to initially support and fund this initiative. Whilst we looked at the financial sustainability of the role, we are now grateful that we have been able to secure 3-years’ worth of funding for this role with support from Education Cannot Wait, “ Sophie Chambers, Save the Children's Acting Country Director.

According to South Sudan Education Cluster, 3.4 million girls and boys aged between 3 – 17 are in need of education.

“We must collaborate with the government and the community at large to educate our people on the importance of education", UNICEF Representative Hamida Ramadhani.

A total of 251, 613 (47%F) children were reached in June 2023 through access to education, school supply, and other services. About 1,600 teachers (22%F) also benefited from trainings.

Written by Ezibon Saadalla/Save the Children.

Edited by Tito Justin/Save the Children.