‘All of my children have now been vaccinated’

Thursday 30 January 2014

Nyayalny, 36, lives with her husband and three children in Maiwut, Upper Nile state. She walked for two hours to bring her children Pagak, 3, and Duolduet, 6 months, to the health centre supported by Save the Children in Pagak.

3-year-old Pagak is tested for malaria at a health clinic supported by Save the Children in Pagak, Upper Nile state, South Sudan. (Colin Crowley/Save the Children)

“I have three children and I did have two other older children but they died. Both of these children were suffering from diarrhoea, and one of them had serious chest pain and cough. I could not take them to a health clinic because we were in a faraway village and there was no clinic near by so when they fell sick there was nothing I could do and both of them died. They were both around two years old.

“Previously I had no knowledge of medicine or what to do when my children fell sick, I did not know that I should take them to a facility like this. I found out about this place when some people from Save the Children told us that when our children fall sick we should bring them here and they will get medicine. Now when they are ill I always bring my children here.

“This week Pagak has been having stomach problems, diarrhoea and fever. But I now know that when my child has diarrhoea or fever that I need to bring to them hospital straightaway so that they can get medicine to help them.

“All of my children have now been vaccinated. My youngest child was vaccinated today for the third time. The people who told me about this place also told us that we should bring our children here to be vaccinated. 

“My younger children are much healthier than the older ones were because they can come here and get treatment when they are sick, and they have had all their vaccinations. Having this facility is very important and it makes me very happy that I can bring my children here when they are ill.”